Sent Records is a record label established by mental health organisation The Mind Map. Based in Liverpool UK the label is committed to supporting and amplifying unheard voices, whilst also providing a home for more experienced artists. Particularly those using their own mental health as source material. Our emphasis is on the catharsis and connectivity, creativity can deliver for both the creator and consumer.


Eschewing technicality and production to reduce barriers to entry for it’s ‘senders, (the artists submitting work to Sent) the label has drawn up it’s creative vows - a list of rules playing homage to the Dogme ninety five, Danish film movement in which the traditional values of story were favoured in place of elaborate special effects or technology.


The vows require Sent artists to submit honest, live recordings using only the voice memos on their phones.They also have to create their own artwork using their camera phone, or hands, Sent’s concept will empower existing or new artists through immediacy and community.


Each Sent artist has their own space to upload their work -An influx, live laboratory of ideas that can be uploaded, deleted, amended and re-uploaded at the artists leisure. Traditional release cycles, replaced by experimentation, spontaneity, expression and above all connection to themselves. their audience and their Sent label mates.


We encourage mentoring amongst our roster, With experienced acts assisting new acts, For example, we’re currently working with young men at an alcohol recovery centre in Wavertree to help their service users express their inner space through art.


Sent Records supports it’s roster with counselling, Mental Health First Aid training and a network of industry professionals should they wish to explore particular careers.